Corporate Profile

In 1975 our company was established as Sams Watch Co.  This was a small shop in Paltan Super Market where we sold the watches and clocks.
In 1980 M S International was launched with all the legal licenses.
In 1985 we started importing Casio watches and clocks. From this time frame we started our marketing throughout the country. 
In 1992  Q & Q was added to our company.  We started importing Q & Q  watches and clocks from Singapore under the name of MS International. 
From 1995
In 2000 we started importing Q & Q watches and clocks directly from Japan CBM Corporation. 
Citizen calculator was also imported from japan.
In the late 2001  M S Interantional started to import Swistar branded watches from International Syndicate Group Ltd, Sharjah UAE . It was our entry to the middle east.
In 2003 we started importing Kaiser branded clocks from Kaiser Industrial Company Ltd, Korea. These are the fancy big clocks and grandfather clocks.
From 2005 we started importing Casio Calculators from CASIO (HQ), Japan.
After that time we introduced Sams in the market. This is our own brand of ladies n gents watch and clocks. We manufacture our Sams products in a joint venture with Y K United Global Ltd, Hong Kong  for watches and Shenzen Dongfong General Electrical Equipment Enterprise Ltd, China for clocks.
M.S. International is the distributor of CASIO Calculator from 2008.
We have 230 wholesalers and almost 6000 retailers all over the Bangladesh.
In 2014 M S International was awarded as the 8th best distributor of Casio Calculators in the world.